A Quick Start Guide to Digital Marketing

What is marketing?

Marketing is essentially the process involved in reaching out the finished product or services to the end consumer and developing a framework in which we retain the customer for future sale of products and services.

Yes, we all know this.

The first newspaper or print media was published around 59 BC in Rome. The concept of marketing has existed since then and we are not new to the concept of “marketing”.

What then would be new in this digital era?

A search for the term “digital marketing” almost returns around…

What my 2025 version will look like

Vision 2025 — Divya is a certified pranic healer and trainer and she has trained around 100 people so far in the basic course of pranic healing. She has healed several people using pranic healing for a wide range of ailments like thyroid , BP , depression and several other ailments.

She also conducts free weekly sessions on twin hearts meditation at a nearby center and inducts various people into this meditation which by research has proven to improve people’ s physical, emotional and mental health in a short period of time through…

Divya Murthy